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My Story

SO YOU'RE A SCENTSY ADDICT, TOO? Welcome to the club. Thanks for checking me out. Here's my story...


... Which is *exactly* what my husband said to me when I approached him after hosting a party for my friend, Tracy. Before the party, I swore up and down that I was only *hosting* for a free candle warmer and some scents.  But what are you supposed to do when the commission sales from your party would get you over 80% of your Sign Up Kit cost returned to you in a manner of days? (And that's in *addition* to the free and half-priced product I earned!) ... Well, you join, of course.  No brainer.

... Which is *exactly* what offering Scentsy to my family, friends and new acquaintances is -- a no brainer.  Safe Candles. You either like candles or you don't. It's that simple. And most of the time, if you like them, you LOVE them. Do you know how much of a fire hazard *flamed" candles are to your house if you do LOVE them? And that you are breathing in that wax that mysteriously disappears? And that same wax is gumming up your air filters and lining your air vents? Yeah. Seriously. How many mini-bonfires do you have burning in your home?

I've been a participant in MANY direct sales and multi-level businesses. Some you've heard of, some you probably have not. Since starting as an Independent Consultant with Scentsy, I've discovered that with all the other businesses, I had to push or convince or explain or convert or adapt or customize the product just to get the person to listen as to why they needed or should want it.  Whew. How exhausting and disappointing and frustrating. I spent a lot of time asking myself "Why don't these people have the same passion I do for these products?"

Well, not this time. Warmer, Wax, Wonderful. You choose a warmer, a scent that pleases your pallete and you plug it in. No flame, no wick, no worries. SAFE & SIMPLE: "Just The Wax" ... Honestly, the easiest thing I've never "sold."

And with brand new ideas and the addition of exciting new products, Scentsy is not just a "wax and warmer" business. Scentsy is a Leading Worldwide Fragrance company, offering a variety of scent options for your Home, On the Go, Skin, Grooming, Laundry, Cleaning & stuff for Kids! Our state-of-the-art Diffusers, with award-winning techonology, have a Lifetime Warranty and offer a personalized scent experience when paired with our top of the line Essential and Natural oils. And to add to the excitement- Scentsy has partnered with DISNEY and MORE! Yes! Your favorite childhood characters with a smelly goodness... Can you imagine all the magical possibilities?

After joining the Scentsy Family in June of 2010, I'm still absolutely LOVING Scentsy. I get to stay home with my kids and spend tons of quality time with my family. Priceless.  In addition, my team has exploded, and I'm EASILY contributing to the household finances... Oh! And I've earned FREE incentive trips! Yeah, can you say vacation? It's been a long time...

Now, I could certainly list all the reasons why you might want to start your own Scentsy business, but you already know *your* reasons.  For me? I get to be a mentor and trainer for the hottest wickless candle company in the world! I get to show people how to build a successful business by helping them reach their goals and get what they want! I believe wholeheartedly in my personal business of choice, my team members, the products we offer, and the company that supports us.

I will however ask you... If you are considering a new venture... "What if this time instead of thinking about what you will lose if it doesn't work out, you think about how you will feel if it succeeds and you aren't a part of it?"

If you have an interest in hosting a Scentsy Fragrance Home party or fundraiser, please feel free to call or email me anytime, or if you have an interest in earning some extra income selling Scentsy, I would be happy to visit with you about that as well.

I'm reaching for those stars and I'm looking forward to growing my business with you as an awesome customer, a fabulous host or a go-getter teammate. Please do contact me if you wanna chat! I'd love to hear from you! I get the greatest support from my Scentsy Family, and you will, too!

Scentsy. No explanations necessary.  Whether you are interested in Buying, Hosting, or Joining my team; Scentsy stays simply the same.  A quality product. But hey, if you don't get one from me; just get one somewhere. Scentsy simply rocks.

Brynn-Marie Kloster (a.k.a. "pink")
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As a Scentsy Consultant you are the owner of your own small business and you will want to make sure to select someone who will help you as you start and move up the ranks. Someone who wants to move up with you! Some consultants join Scentsy for a discount, some join to earn a little more cash each month, and some plan to replace an income. Not everyone joins or works their business the same.

It is important to interview Scentsy consultants to see if they would be a good sponsor for YOU. Selling is a people business, it is all about relationships. Once you have chosen your sponsor, it is Scentsy’s policy that you cannot change just because you do not like them or they don’t help you the way you want. Partnering with the right consultant can make a big difference. I'd be thrilled to have you Join My Scentsy Team Today! Let's Chat!